ClayCoNews LLC makes Exciting Announcement for Clay County, Kentucky

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Katie and Ronnie in Redbird community of Clay County relaxing on front porch of cabin that was home to Kentucky pioneer Dillion Asher (Credit: Autumn Baidouri)

ClayCoNews has received such overwhelming support from our neighbors and local readers asking for a news source dedicated solely to Clay County, Kentucky. Today we are pleased to announce that ClayCoNews LLC, based in Manchester, KY has launched a new category in ClayCoNews.

The new category is exclusively dedicated to Clay County, Kentucky. We are pleased to announce this new category is now LIVE and can be found on the ClayCoNews website HERE.

Our online news publication has long dedicated our efforts to covering coast to coast "Real News".  As noted on our Facebook page there are 18 Clay Counties throughout the United States and ClayCoNews is not exclusive or limited to content from any of them.  However, because our homebased company is located in Clay County, Kentucky we have heard your requests for more "fair and balanced" local news and are answering your call.

ClayCoNews will be bringing you more:

  • Human and Historical Interest Pieces
  • Business Spotlight Articles
  • Political Coverage of Local Elections
  • Basic Court Coverage

You can also look for reporting on a variety of other topics important to local viewership. 

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Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in us,

ClayCoNews Publisher, Editors, Volunteers, and Staff