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Governor Andy Beshear

The Cleanup Continues: Governor Beshear Issues Guidance for Eastern Kentuckians to Recover Vehicles Impacted by July's Flooding

FRANKFORT, KY – Governor Andy Beshear announces retrieval efforts are in effect to recover damaged or stalled vehicles from roadsides and waterways in the 13-county declared disaster area in Eastern Kentucky. State officials will begin a notification campaign to help owners locate and claim collected vehicles.

“The catastrophic flooding in late July swept away multiple vehicles and left them strewn about streams and roadways,” Gov. Beshear said. “We’re ramping up efforts to move recovered vehicles to dedicated sites, and a robust effort to notify owners will begin soon. I urge Kentuckians who are missing vehicles to respond to notification attempts so state officials can work with you to collect your vehicle.”

The recovery process is part of a coordinated effort between the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) to oversee the transfer of vehicles to designated Vehicle Management Sites (VMS) and to contact vehicle owners or lienholders. In the past few days, approximately 71 vehicles have been identified for the recovery effort in four counties.

AshBritt, the contractor in charge of removal and disposal of roadside and waterway debris, has hired Allen’s Towing and Recovery, of Manchester, to move vehicles to designated sites within the counties where vehicles are found.

Vehicles found in waterways or state/county right of way will be removed if they:

  • Block access to a public-use area
  • Pose an immediate threat to infrastructure
  • Are abandoned
  • A vehicle left on state right of way for three consecutive days is considered abandoned, regardless of whether it can be salvaged.

“We are going to great lengths to inform vehicle owners if we have their vehicles so they can decide next steps regarding their property,” KYTC Secretary Jim Gray said. “This initiative expands current efforts to remove safety hazards and restore communities to their pre-flood conditions.”

Notification Process:

  • Notification attempts to title owners and/or lienholders will begin within 10 days of the vehicle arriving at a VMS.
  • State officials will make contact via standard or certified mail or by telephone if a phone number is available. If needed, vehicle owner contact information will be screened against a list of flood survivors temporarily housed in travel trailers or sheltering locations to aid in obtaining title owner contact.
  • Upon contact, the title owner will be told the VMS location where the vehicle can be retrieved and will be asked to schedule a date and time to visit the VMS within 30 days.
  • The title holder must present government identification, such as a driver’s license, and a copy of the vehicle title before moving the vehicle.
  • There are no storage fees when picking up vehicles at a VMS site. However, the vehicle owner is responsible for any fees associated with transporting their vehicle away from a VMS. Vehicle owners also may request to abandon their vehicle.

As part of the vehicle recovery effort, Kentucky Transportation officials may ask vehicle owners for personal information, like name and address. They will not request confidential information over the phone or electronically, like a social security number or birthdate.

“I want to express my appreciation for the Transportation Cabinet’s continued efforts and dedication to recovery efforts in our impacted communities,” said Kentucky Emergency Management Director Jeremy Slinker. “This program is necessary to continue to improve the streams and waterways as well as the opportunity for owners to relocate their vehicles.”

To help owners of a missing vehicle check if their vehicle has been retrieved, KYTC has developed a webpage that will be updated frequently with information about vehicles that have been moved to VMS locations. Kentuckians are encouraged to visit for more information. Owners of vehicles collected by the state will still be contacted following the notification process listed above.

Replacing Needed Documents:

Kentuckians who lost licenses or ID cards in flooding can obtain replacements at any KYTC Driver Licensing Regional Office. By order of Gov. Beshear, there is no fee. In the disaster-declared counties, KYTC has regional offices in Manchester, Prestonsburg, Pikeville and Jackson. To schedule an appointment, visit Walk-ins are welcome.​

Gov. Beshear also waived fees for replacing lost titles and registrations for motor vehicles, mobile homes, boats and ATVs. Replacement documents can be obtained from the Office of County Clerk in the owner’s county of residence.

Roadside and Waterway Debris Removal Ongoing

Through Wednesday, Sept. 21, 15,448 truckloads of debris from waterways and roadways have been collected, amounting to 225,523 tons. The following unbagged debris can be picked up under the state’s contract along state and county right of way: construction and demolition materials, electronic waste, household hazardous waste, large appliances, vegetation. Normal household waste will not be collected by storm debris crews. Please continue to follow your normal garbage removal schedule and process.

Secretary Gray said work crews in many cases will have to go through private property to reach the creek or stream. “We want residents to be aware of this and appreciate their understanding and willingness to give crews room to work,” he said.

Kentuckians can view a schedule of daily debris removal activities here.

For more information on the state’s debris removal process, visit

Residents are asked not to go through debris piles at collection sites due to safety hazards that pose health and safety risks.

Call the Debris Hotline at 855-336-2337 to report debris that needs to be picked up on roadways and waterways.