A Kentucky Woman Releases Book Detailing Her Journey Through & Survival of Breast Cancer

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GREENVALE, NY (January 2021) -  A brilliant new author has cast her rays of hope and light among us in the literary world. Shirley Bishop wishes to spread her wings to comfort those that are going through cancer with her words of encouragement. Having had gone through the devastating blow of breast cancer, Shirley Bishop found herself through her journey.

These words that she has written are both inspiring and uplifting. These words should be heard by so many going through cancer. This is her story, her journey, and her survival.

In her book, Light Revelation, author Shirley Bishop writes that she was inspired and guided by God to share the story of her cancer journey. But she is so much more than cancer. She was resistant to sharing her story because she didn’t want to relive the fear felt during her journey. Cancer was something requiring her attention, moving her to a new level of love and intimacy. Now that she has arrived at her destination, she knows who she is. After being in the fire and refined, she has had time to wake up and transcend above what she thinks and does. She is defined by God. She dwells in the place of God. She is safe and content at home, inside her body with God.

Shirley has worked with breast cancer research in her state and is a VIP member of the National Association of Women.


Author Shirley Bishop and her husband Clay live in Manchester, KY. Her professional career is in Nursing. She has served on the Breast Cancer Awareness Committee and was among those that designed the breast cancer license plate. She is a former member of the NAPW, in which she won an award for her leadership. Her journey is about surrender, survival and God.

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If you’re ready to step into all that God has for you and realize who you are in Christ, this book is for you! If you’ve often wondered why we face challenges or trials in life and how to get through those trials without being destroyed, you must read this book! My heart has been opened and I’ve been inspired to accept who I am as a daughter of Christ and propel forward into the destiny God has for me!

Teacher/Writer/Daughter of the King, Tabatha Wagers