Treasurer Allison Ball’s Eastern Kentucky Roots Lead to Unclaimed Property Return

FRANKFORT, KY. (December 7, 2017) –Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball’s local connections helped her return contents of a safe deposit box with an unknown owner to a Prestonsburg family.

“I always enjoy returning unclaimed property to its rightful owner,” Treasurer Ball said. “This situation was particularly special as I had the opportunity to work with a family I have known all my life.”

The contents of the lockbox were sent to the Treasury from Citizens Bank in Johnson County and labeled as owner “unknown.” An unclaimed property staff member noticed the Johnson County information on the box and, knowing Treasurer Ball grew up in the neighboring county, inquired if she knew anything about the contents. As a ninth-generation Eastern Kentuckian from Floyd County, Treasurer Ball recognized Bank Josephine, which was in Prestonsburg during her youth, written on a document. Treasurer Ball then recognized the names on the contents to be a couple she knew from her childhood who attended church with her grandparents. The couple also lived a couple streets over from Treasurer Ball and she would talk to them every day as a child when she walked to town.

“Bank Josephine was a business in the Floyd County community when I was growing up,” Treasurer Ball said. “As soon as I saw details about the bank and the Hereford family, I knew exactly what to do and who to call.”

The owners of the box, Thomas and Inez Hereford, are deceased, but their two sons (Thomas and John Hereford) and granddaughter visited the Treasury to claim the contents of the box.

“We are glad Treasurer Ball’s Floyd County roots helped her return our unclaimed property,” Thomas Hereford III said. “We are excited to have an Eastern Kentuckian representing us in Frankfort.”

Laura Gobel, the granddaughter of the late Hereford couple, also commented on her delight to have the property returned: “I am honored to have property that belonged to my grandparents returned to me. I am thankful for Treasurer Ball’s diligence in returning the property to us.”

In total, Treasurer Ball has returned over $20 million dollars of unclaimed property during 2017 and over $45 million since she took office. To check for unclaimed property, please visit


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