Treasurer Allison Ball Continues Financial Literacy Efforts; Empowers State Government Employees

Treasurer Allison Ball

FRANKFORT, KY. —Treasurer Allison Ball announced the expansion of Kentucky’s Financial Empowerment Database on Monday, February 11, 2019.

The Financial Empowerment Database, a first-of-its-kind resource for Kentuckians with over 100 financial literacy resources, will now include a seventh cultivation community focused on resources for state employees. Prior to this announcement, the Database was comprised of six “cultivation communities” or resource groups: Aging Kentuckians, Emerging Adults, Kentuckians with Disabilities, Low-Income Families, Student Strategies, and Veterans and Military Personnel.

“I am always looking for ways to improve financial literacy in Kentucky,” Treasurer Ball said. “I have heard from Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth who are benefiting from the resources in the Financial Empowerment Database. Today is an exciting day as we expand the database to reach even more Kentuckians.”

Treasurer Ball was recently named Chair of the National Association of State Treasurers’ Financial Education and Empowerment Committee for the strides she has made towards improving financial literacy in Kentucky.

In 2018, she launched the Financial Empowerment Database, a product of the her work with leaders from numerous fields including educators, financial institutions, advocates for veterans and military personnel, and nonprofits. The online database was compiled as part of Treasurer Ball’s Financial Empowerment Coalition, which began meeting informally in 2016, the year she took office.

Treasurer Ball was also an outspoken advocate for HB 132, which made a financial literacy course or program a high school graduation requirement, and was signed into law last year. The Financial Literacy Database was launched to bring greater financial literacy to Kentuckians from all walks of life and also to assist educators with the implementation of HB 132.

At a press conference last month, Treasurer Ball also announced plans to launch Kentucky’s Financial Empowerment Commission at no cost to taxpayers. HB 139, the Financial Empowerment Commission bill, is sponsored by Representative Jim DuPlessis (R-Elizabethtown) and would provide support to educators teaching financial literacy. The Commission would be paid for by private donations thanks to Treasurer Ball’s work to secure private funding for the Commission from the Kentucky Credit Union League and Kentucky credit unions.

To access the Financial Empowerment Database, visit

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