Arrest at the Clay County Judicial Center / Manchester

Manchester, Ky. - Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson is reporting that: On April 1, 2019 at approximately 9:40 AM Clay County Sheriff Deputy Brandon Edwards arrested an individual at the Judicial Center checkpoint in Manchester.

Arrested was:

Eddie Asher, 36 of Crawfish Road.

The arrest occurred at the Clay County Judicial Center when the above mentioned subject walked through the entrance of the Judicial Center and laid a smoking pipe with the smell of marijuana emitting from it into the basket before the check-in process.

Through investigation, Deputy Edwards determined the subject was under the influence of intoxicants.

Eddie Asher was charged with:

  • Public Intoxication of Controlled Substance (Excludes Alcohol)
  • Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess
  • Photo is courtesy of the Clay County Detention Center.

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