Sheriff's Office in Laurel County, Kentucky Releases 2020 Total Activity Report


LONDON, KY - Laurel County Sheriff John Root is reporting that: the Laurel County Sheriff's Office, deputies, detectives and staff had a busy, active year in 2020.

Laurel Co Sheriff seal 175This total reflects the effectiveness of increased deputies on patrol and good law enforcement resulting in a significant decrease in crime throughout Laurel County.

Attached is a listing of the more significant calls for service.

Please note our effectiveness on our “War on Drugs” with our high number of drug arrests for 2020

                 2020 Most Significant Activity for the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office

Total calls for Service for the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office for 2020 ------------ 20,877

john root official 120

Sheriff John Root (left) stated that Laurel County citizens can expect the same level of professional and courteous service on a daily basis this upcoming year and always from the Laurel County Sheriff's office.

There will be a continued emphasis on the removal of intoxicated drivers from Laurel county roadways and drug investigations & the "War on Drugs" will continue.

Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

Sheriff John Root