Traffic Safety Checkpoints in Laurel County identified


Laurel County, Ky. - Sheriff John Root is reporting that: the Laurel County Sheriff's office will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints in Laurel County.

These traffic safety checkpoints will be conducted at various locations throughout Laurel County that are experiencing a high rate of traffic crashes resulting injuries in an attempt to make Laurel County roads safer for families to travel.

The Sheriff's Office will conduct these traffic safety checkpoints beginning on Wednesday August 14th daily from 6;00 AM through the weekends and ending at 6 A.M. on Monday morning September 2nd. The locations we will concentrate on will include:

• Ky 1376 East and West
• Farris Jones Road
• Hwy 192
• Hwy 1193
• Hawk Creek Road
• Level Green Road
• Ky 1189
• Slate Lick Road
• Old Way Road
• Tom Cat Trail
• Sinking Creek Road

*Many other locations have been identified and will be utilized in future traffic safety checkpoints in an attempt to make Laurel County roads safer for our families to travel.


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