Regulations Required by Funeral Homes in Reopening Kentucky

Bowling Funeral Homes 600

LONDON, KY - Bowling Funeral Home on Monday, May 18, 2020 reported that: Beginning on Wednesday, May 20 the following regulations are required by funeral homes in reopening Kentucky. 

  • Visitations and Funerals are limited to 33%of your buildings occupancy capacityexcluding officiants, clergy, and staff, while maintaining social distance of six (6) feet for attendees. If you cannot maintain the six feet requirement, you must reduce your occupancy capacity until the six feet requirement can be obtained.
  • Seating should be arranged that allows for social distancing of at least six feet for all services.
  • Continued use of live streaming social medial broadcasts are encouraged as are the continued use of drive by visitations and drive in funerals.
  • Attendees at outdoor services must maintain the six feet of social distance, if they are not of the same household.Attendees are, however, encouraged to stay in their vehicles.
  • Encourage funeral home staff, clergy and attendees to wear face coverings while attending services.
  • You should consider taking attendees’ temperatures and you should not allow individuals with elevated temperatures or signs of illness to attend in-person services.
  • Assure that restrooms are used by one person at a time and all frequently touched surfaces throughout the facility are properly cleaned and are disinfected.(e.g. door knobs and handles) The facility will maintain a written disinfection plan that follows CDC guidelines.
  • Must provide hand sanitizer, hand-washing facilities, tissues and waste basket in convenient locations to the greatest extent possible.
  • Restrict the use of all common areas (i.e. foyers, lobbies, vending areas and community/multi-purpose rooms) if possible and should not provide communal food or beverages.
  • Encourage no handshaking, hand-holding and hugging and continue to post Health Department COVID safety signs.
  • Encourage staff and pallbearers to take precautions to stay safe while they are in close proximity.

We will be following these regulations in order to keep our community healthy as possible. 

We thank you for your cooperation during these trying times.

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