Tombstones previously located in Hoskins Cemetery

School Board (CCBOE) in Clay, Kentucky files Lawsuit against alleged unknown Defendants and issues Public Notice regarding Tombstones from Hoskins Cemetery - Copies of the Lawsuit & Notice are shared in this Article

Staff Report 
MANCHESTER, KY (July 26, 2022) - We here at ClayCoNews wanted to share the latest update with you regarding the Hoskins Cemetery (aka Hoskins-Lewis Cemetery).   A public notice has been issued in the local paper regarding the headstones previously located at the cemetery.  Because we know our viewership far exceeds local printed media we feel obligated to share this latest information so that any persons interested in retrieving their family headstones may have an opportunity to do so.  We have included that notice in this release in an easily sharable format to make it available for as many people as possible. That is after all, the true purpose of a public notice.  In addition, we have decided in the interest of full transparency to include the legal filing referenced in the public notice.

Clay County KY Board of Edcuation Building 200

Apparently the Clay County Board of Education (CCBOE) has finished their research into this matter and we look forward to sharing that research with our audience once that research is made available to the public.   Now that the research phase has concluded the CCBOE has filed a lawsuit against unknown parties asking for declaratory relief in regards to the tombstones previously located at the Hoskins Cemetery. Because no research was included in the legal filing we cannot speculate on who the CCBOE has identified and who they have not.  Their lawsuit would appear to indicate that their research was abandoned in favor of legal action.  We will know more once that research becomes available. 
50 Days from the time of the first publication (July 20th, 2022) of this notice is Thursday September 8th, 2022.  Please act accordingly.  The notice says time is of the essence, possibly because the storage fees associated with this property are piling up and placing an undue burden on the parties who currently have them in their possession.
As we receive updates our community will too.  Thank you for your continued support!
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