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Applying unmanned aerial systems techniques will improve safety in the commonwealth

FRANKFORT, KY (Aug. 15, 2022) – The Kentucky State Police (KSP) Critical Incident Response Team recently instructed an unmanned aerial system (UAS) training course attended by Kentucky’s local and county law enforcement agencies.

The course focused on teaching methods to forensically map a collision or crime scene utilizing a UAS, often referred to as a drone. Forensic mapping assists law enforcement officers in documenting key points of evidence allowing for accurate measurements and real-world perspective in a three-dimensional point of view.

“This UAS training course gives our law enforcement agencies the ability to keep making the commonwealth’s communities safer,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “This sharing of information between agencies further demonstrates that enhancing public safety is a top priority we are all invested in.”

KSP’s UAS Program plays a key role in diagramming collision and crime scenes. The advancement in UAS technology has drastically decreased the time officers are required to keep a roadway closed after a severe or fatal collision. Clearing roadways quickly improves traffic safety and reduces delays for commerce travel.

Agencies that attended the course include; Elizabethtown Police Department, Frankfort Police Department, Hardin County Sheriff’s Department, Lexington Police Department, Louisville Metro Police Department, Richmond Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

The mission of KSP is to promote public safety through service, integrity and professionalism using partnerships to prevent, reduce and deter crime and the fear of crime, enhance highway safety through education and enforcement, safeguard property and protect individual rights.

This year, the number one priority for KSP is creating a better Kentucky by making the commonwealth’s streets safer, communities stronger and the nation more secure by providing exceptional law enforcement made up of a diverse workforce. For more information about career opportunities with KSP visit the website.

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