Candidate Eric Deters

Gubernatorial Candidate Will Host Separate Event After Being Barred from Upcoming Republican Party Campaign Event in Floyd County, Kentucky

INDEPENDENCE, KY - Gubernatorial Candidate Eric Deters has released the following statement to members of the press after being barred from an event hosted by the Floyd County Republican Party.

To: Kentucky State Press
From: Eric Deters
(859) 250-2527

Date: September 21, 2022

RE: Floyd County Republican Party Event

The attached emails you might find interesting news.

I am actually not invited to even attend the event.

First Fancy Farm, now this.

It only serves as a reminder I am the only non-career, non-establishment Republican candidate for Governor.

I truly believe this helps my campaign.

Amber Burchett is allowing my opponents to keep me from events. I find it comical how much they fear me. What a compliment! LOL.

I’m going to hold a free event the same day and time. We will see who has the most people show up to their event- them or me.


(Retraction of Invitation to Event and "not welcome")


Headline Photo Courtesy of Eric Deters for Governor

Bottom Photo (one of the emails mentioned in release) Courtesy of Eric Deters for Governor social media (Facebook)



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