Location List of Knox County Sheriff's Office Safety Checkpoints for February

BARBOURVILLE, KY - Sheriff Mike Smith is announcing that the Knox County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting monthly periodic traffic safety checkpoints through the county, which are approved by KCSO Policy and Procedure Manual.

These checkpoints will be conducted through the month of March 2023, in an effort to enforce traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Special attention will be paid to:

  • Occupant protection (seatbelt adherence)
  • Sobriety
  • Insurance
  • Registration violations

This information is publicized as required by law.

A complete list of traffic safety checkpoints locations for February 2023 is published below:

KY- 6                     0                       Knox/Whitley CO. Line

KY- 6                      1                      JCT Dowis Chapel RD

KY- 6                     12                     JCT Emanuel Hollow RD

KY- 6                     13                     Smokey Bridge

KY-11                    3.2                    JCT KY 1809

KY-11                     3.7                   JCT KY 1503

KY-11                      6                     Swan Pond RD

KY-11                      10                   Daniel Boone DR

KY-11                      11                   Heidrick

KY-11                      13                   Pumpkin Run RD

KY-11                      15.5                KY 1304 South JCT

KY-11                      16.2                KY 1304  North JCT

KY-11                      19                   Hammons Fork RD

KY-11                      19.8                Bull Creek RD

KY-11                      21                   Disappointment Hollow

KY- 11                     22                   Knox/Clay Line

KY-223                    2.5                  Mud Lick RD

KY-223                    2.9                  Moore Creek RD

KY-223                    3.9                  JCT KY 718

KY-223                    6.                    Hale Fork RD

KY-223                    8.2                  Road Fork Creek 

KY-223                    8.9                  Coles Branch RD

KY-225                    .0                    Knox/Bell Line

KY-225                     1                    Jones Town

KY-225                     8                    #1 Hollow

KY-225                     11                  Gregory Branch

KY-225                     11.8               Artemus

KY-225                     12                  JCT KY-930

KY-225                     14.7               JCT KY-2421

KY-229                      3                   Wilson Branch

KY-229                      3.9                JCT KY-1803

KY-229                      8                  JCT KY-1304

KY-233                      0                  JCT KY-6

KY-233                      4.6               Lynn Camp Hollow

KY-233                      5                  Bertha Hollow

KY-233                      6                  JCT KY-1232

KY-459                      4.5               Bull Run

KY-459                      5.3               Swan Lake Road

KY-459                      6.6               Walker Park

KY-459                      9.7               Sharps Gap

KY-459                      10.9             Jackson Street

KY-718                      .4                 Old Walker Road

KY-718                      7.3               Buckeye Branch

KY-718                      8                  Acorn Fork

KY-830                      1                  Railroad Crossing

KY-830                      3.3               Youngs Creek RD

KY-830                      3.7               KY-1232

KY-830                      4.9               Lynn Camp School

KY-930                      3                  Himyar

KY-1232                    1.1               Campbell Motor LN

KY-1232                    1.4               JCT KY 830

KY-1232                    3.4               Indian Creek Road

KY-1232                    3.6               KY-233

KY-1304                    3                  Paynes Creek

KY-1304                    4.8               Hinkle

KY-1304                    5.1               Callebs Creek

KY-1304                    9                  KY-1803 South JCT

KY-1304                    9.7               KY-1803 North JCT

KY-1809                    4.3               Hubbs Creek

KY-3041                    .5                 East of County Line

KY-3041                    2.1               Youngs Creek RD

KY-3041                    2.5               Opportunity Drive

KY-3041                    3.1               KY-1232 Access RD

KY-3439                    1.7               KY-3440

KY-2418                                        Blue Gable Straight

Arkle Hollow Road                        Emanuel Hollow Road

Photo is from Knox County, Ky Sheriff's Department.


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