Kentucky Lt. Gov. Coleman, KSP Pay Tribute to 37 Fallen Officers & An Additional Unit Added to this Year's Memorial

Memorial wreath placed Lt. Gov. Coleman KSP Commissioner Honor Guard 2023

Lt. Gov. Coleman, KSP Commissioner, and Honor Guard place memorial wreath

FRANKFORT, KY – On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman and the Kentucky State Police (KSP) hosted a memorial ceremony to honor 37 fallen troopers, officers, highway patrolmen and one canine unit.

"The Kentucky State Police play a crucial role in law enforcement throughout the commonwealth, making them the backbone of safety and security," Lt. Gov. Coleman said. "These 37 individuals who gave their lives in service are worthy of the highest honors, because they truly are the best of us."

KSP Commissioner Phillip Burnett Jr. addressed the family members of the fallen officers, saying that the sacrifices their loved ones made will never be forgotten.

"While we can't bring your heroes back, we can keep their memories alive," said Commissioner Burnett. "As family members, you sacrificed when they served and when they died. You must know this agency is eternally grateful and we will never forget them."

Orofino KSP 200

Burnett announced that an additional unit is being added to KSP's memorial this year. Research conducted by the agency uncovered a KSP German Shepherd canine named Orofino was shot and killed Sept. 23, 1991, during a surveillance operation in Breathitt County. Orofino was a 4-year veteran at the time of his passing.

KSP submitted Orofino's paperwork to the National Officer Down Registry in December 2022. Orofino met the criteria for a line-of-duty death and has been added to the National Officer Down Memorial Page.

KSP's Canine Branch, which includes 20 troopers and 25 canines, designed a memorial bench for Orofino and unveiled it during the memorial ceremony. The Kentucky State Police Professional Association (KSPPA) provided funding for the bench to be located at KSP Training Academy.

The six Kentucky Highway Patrolmen who have died in the line of duty, including their end-of-watch date, are:

Patrolman James P. Hays: Dec. 21, 1935;
Patrolman Robert Rowland: Dec. 22, 1935;
Capt. Vernon Snell: Feb. 20, 1937;
Patrolman Moses H. Littrell: March 14, 1938;
Patrolman Houston Greene: May 18, 1944; and
Patrolman Vadas G. Richardson: October 7, 1944

The 31 troopers and officers who have died in the line of duty, including their end-of-watch date, are:

Trooper Harold J. Toll: Nov. 14, 1948;
Trooper Robert R. Miller: Feb. 14, 1951;
Trooper Lee T. Huffman: May 19, 1953;
Trooper Herbert C. Bush: Oct. 11, 1958;
Trooper William E. Tevis: May 26, 1963;
Trooper Elmer Mobley, Jr.: May 28, 1964;
Trooper Cecil W. Uzzle: May 28, 1964;
Trooper Delano G. Powell: July 8, 1965;
Trooper Mack E. Brady: Nov. 9, 1966;
Trooper William H. Barrett: Dec. 19, 1971;
Trooper James W. McNeely: April 8, 1972;
Officer David T. Childs: April 8, 1972;
Trooper Walter O. Thurtell: Sept. 29, 1972;
Trooper Joseph Ward, Jr.: April 23, 1973;
Lt. William C. Smith: April 26, 1973;
Trooper John W. Hutchinson: June 4, 1975;
Trooper Bobby A. McCoun Jr.: Sept. 1, 1975;
Trooper William F. Pickard: Jan. 21, 1976;
Lieutenant Willis D. Martin: April 26, 1977;
Trooper Clinton E. Cunningham: Feb. 11, 1979;
Trooper Edward R. Harris: Nov. 7, 1979;
Trooper Jerome S. Clifton: Oct. 1, 1980;
Detective Darrell V. Phelps: Aug. 7, 1981;
Trooper Johnny M. Edrington: Dec. 20, 1988;
Trooper Johnny G. Adkins: Nov. 19, 1995;
Officer Jason W. Cammack: April 23, 2000;
Trooper Jonathan K. Leonard: Dec. 19, 2006;
Trooper Anson B. Tribby: Jan. 22, 2013;
Trooper Eric K. Chrisman: June 23, 2015;
Sgt. David R. Gibbs: Aug. 7, 2015; and
Trooper J. Cameron Ponder: Sept. 13, 2015

The fallen Trooper and Officer Memorial is on the KSP webpage at


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