Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Statement from Attorney General Cameron on Court's Decision to Temporarily Block Part of Law Protecting Kentucky Kids from Gender Transition Procedures

FRANKFORT, KY  On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, Attorney General Daniel Cameron released the following statement after a federal court issued a preliminary injunction to halt the enforcement of a section of Senate Bill 150.

The law protects children from the irreversible effects of experimental chemical treatments like puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Lawyers from the ACLU and National Center for Lesbian Rights sued to block enforcement of a section of that law, which requires revoking the license of physicians who perform so-called "gender-affirming care" on minors. 

The Attorney General's statement is as follows:

"Today's misguided decision by a federal judge tramples the right of the General Assembly to make public policy for the Commonwealth. Senate Bill 150 is a commonsense law that protects Kentucky children from unnecessary medical experimentation with powerful drugs and hormone treatments. These procedures are not based on science, threaten the safety of minors, and have irreversible life-long consequences on children's health. This is why other countries have moved to restrict such treatments, citing a lack of medical evidence and considerable long-term risks, and have called for the kind of protections contained in SB 150. 

I will always fight the radical idea that risky drugs and life-altering surgical mutilations should be tools to put confused children on an inevitable path toward a life of gender dysphoria. There is nothing "affirming" about this dangerous approach to mental health, and my office will continue to do everything in our power to defend this law passed by our elected representatives."



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