Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Cameron Notches Another Win Against Biden Administration’s Anti-Coal Crusade

FRANKFORT, KY – The Sixth Circuit has halted the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) denial of Kentucky's state implementation plan under the Clean Air Act. With this ruling, the Court adopted General Cameron's position and stopped the EPA from forcing the Commonwealth to implement radical environmental policies that would devastate Kentucky's coal industry.

The court found that Attorney General Cameron made a "strong showing" that EPA's actions are unlawful and that he provided "evidence that Kentucky residents will face higher prices and that Kentucky's power grid faces destabilization" if the EPA rule became effective.

Following the ruling, Attorney General Cameron released this statement:

"The federal government acted unlawfully by telling Kentuckians how best to meet air quality standards, and I won't allow President Biden and his radical EPA to destroy the coal industry and further undermine our economy. I'm grateful to the Sixth Circuit for stopping the obviously unlawful federal overreach here. I'll continue to fight this Administration's climate activism every chance I get."

To view a copy of the Sixth Circuit's order, click here.



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