Photo of the possible person of interest from Facebook

Possible Scam in Laurel County, Kentucky

LONDON, KY - Laurel County Sheriff John Root is reporting a possible scam in Laurel County. Allegedly, an individual is trying to sell a golf cart on Facebook and is requesting a down payment through a payment service.

Possible scam golf cart for sale 9 14 23 200

The individual is using addresses of houses for sell as a meeting place and not showing up.

If anyone encounters this individual, they are asked to contact the Laurel County Sheriffs office at 606-864-6600 or personal message the Laurel County Sheriffs Office or on a cell phone using the Sheriffs office app send a message or email to: 

Information will be strictly confidential.

The Sheriffs office would like to talk to the person in the photo.

Left - Photos of the apparent golf cart being sold pictured. Laurel Sheriffs Detective Reed is investigating.



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