New Survey by a Public Opinion Research Group Spotlights Kentucky Energy Policy

FRANKFORT, KY – Dependable Power First Kentucky is reporting that: When it comes to the future of power in Kentucky, one thing is clear – reliable, dependable power is a priority for voters and policymakers need to do more to ensure continued access to affordable and reliable energy in the state.

That’s according to a new poll from Axis Research. The survey yielded a comprehensive picture of Kentuckians’ opinions on energy policy and revealed widespread support for policies that promote affordable power and a dependable grid. Key findings include:

  • 93% of Kentucky voters agree, and a majority (55%) strongly agree, that regulators and elected officials should be doing more to ensure Kentucky has access to affordable and reliable electricity.
  • 85% agree that we should be cautious in our transition away from conventional energy sources to ensure that Kentucky families continue to have access to reliable power.
  • 83% agree that power bills are already expensive, and further rate increases would make them unaffordable.
  • A combined 72% believe state officials should either focus on keeping energy prices low or making sure people have access to reliable energy, rather than prioritizing a transition to cleaner forms of energy (see chart).
  • Conversely, only 19% of Republicans and 36% of Democrats believe state officials should be prioritizing a transition to cleaner forms of energy over keeping prices low and ensuring access to reliable energy.
  • 64% agree that Kentucky is moving away from fuel secure resources like coal too quickly for the electric grid to handle it.

These findings underscore the fact that electric reliability and affordability are urgent issues that transcend party lines and deserve bipartisan action. The recent answers from both Governor Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron during the WPSD Local 6 televised debate when asked how they would ensure the future of reliable and affordable electricity in Kentucky further highlight the importance for candidates from both major political parties in addressing this issue that is front of mind for many voters.

The overwhelming majority of Kentuckians believe that regulators and elected officials should be doing more to ensure that Kentucky has affordable and reliable electricity. Most understand that conventional, fuel secure energy sources including coal remain an essential part of our energy mix.

It is incumbent on state officials and federal regulators to advocate and advance responsible, common-sense energy policies consistent with these findings.

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About Us:

Dependable Power First Kentucky is a diverse coalition of businesses, associations, and advocacy groups committed to securing a reliable and affordable energy future for all Kentuckians.

About the Poll:

Between September 24 and September 28, Axis Research, a leading national public opinion research group, conducted a state-wide, online survey of Kentucky voters and their perception of pressing energy and economic issues. The survey sampled 630 respondents, proportionate to the state population in terms of region, gender, age, race, and political affiliation.

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