Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Attorney General Cameron of Kentucky Fights Biden Administration's Radical Energy Policies

FRANKFORT, KY – Attorney General Daniel Cameron continued his fight against the Biden Administration's radical energy policies by opposing a proposal that would force consumers to pay more for home and small business heating by eliminating most traditional boilers.

In a letter to Biden's Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, 21 attorneys general blast the Administration's proposal to forcibly phase out certain non-condensing boilers. That plan would kill American jobs, increase construction costs for homes and other buildings, and further fuel President Biden's record inflation. 

"First the Biden Administration came for your incandescent light bulbs and air conditioners, then it came for your gas stoves and ovens, and now it is coming for your heating systems," said Attorney General Cameron. "The federal government has no business telling American's how to heat their homes and businesses and making everyone pay more to satisfy the climate cult. I joined this coalition to fight President Biden's fixation on climate change and keep this Administration from micromanaging every aspect of American life."

The attorneys general demand that the Administration cease its efforts to handicap America in order to appease radical climate activists. "The [proposed standards will] . . . impose a significant hardship on American businesses[,] . . . likely cause domestic job loss," and make American [business] owners less competitive in the international marketplace," their letter says. "And because some older buildings are not architecturally capable of housing a condensing boiler at all, these [standards] would leave some families out in the cold entirely."

This is Attorney General Cameron's latest effort to fight President Biden's extreme green agenda and protect the economies of energy states like Kentucky. Earlier this year, Attorney General Cameron opposed the Biden Administration's excessive regulation of air quality standards and greenhouse gas emissions.

To read a copy of the letter, click here.



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