The 3rd Rail hosts, Gerardo Serrano and Jacob Clark

New Podcast, "The 3rd Rail" based in Lexington, Kentucky promises to Unmask Political Corruption for Listeners

LEXINGTON, KY – A brand-new podcast, "The 3rd Rail" has hit the airwaves, promising listeners an insider’s view into the intricacies and imperfections of the political system.

Hosted by former public office candidates Gerardo Serrano and Jacob Clark, the show aims to shed light on the challenges and alleged corruption they experienced during their campaigns.

Gerardo Serrano, who ran for State Representative in 2010 and made three Congressional bids, teams up with Jacob Clark, a former State Representative candidate and recent gubernatorial hopeful. While neither candidate clinched their respective primary nominations, their campaigns have left them with compelling stories about the workings of the political machine—stories they're eager to share with the public.

"The 3rd Rail" delves deep into the systemic issues both hosts observed firsthand. As Serrano points out, "We've seen how the Republican Party operates, and it's troubling. People often disengage from politics because they feel it's rigged. Our experiences confirm that there are indeed flaws in the system."

"The 3rd Rail" airs weekly and is available on all major podcast platforms

The podcast also raises poignant questions about the roadblocks faced by ordinary citizens who step into the political arena. "How can an individual, fully attuned to the nation's issues, be stonewalled by their own party?" asks Clark.

Both Serrano and Clark are keen to foster open dialogue and stimulate critical thought about the political landscape, encouraging listeners to be more discerning and proactive in their civic engagements.

About "The3rdRail" Podcast

"The 3rd Rail" offers listeners a candid look at the challenges, controversies, and inner workings of the political system from the perspective of two former public office candidates. The show airs weekly and is available on all major podcast platforms.

For more information on "The 3rd Rail" or to schedule an interview with Gerardo Serrano and Jacob Clark, please contact The 3rd Rail at 606-231-2226 / 207-287-8663 or email: .


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