Counterfeit Money Being Passed in Southeast Kentucky, Businesses Beware, Pictured is a Phony Bill Found in a Bank Deposit in Manchester

MANCHESTER, KY - On Monday, November 27, 2023 an alert teller using a high-tech device at a bank in Manchester intercepted a counterfeit bill in a deposit from a local business.

The employee making the deposit had no idea that a fake $50.00 bill was in the money being presented for deposit and will be reviewing security camera footage in an attempt to identify the person that used the counterfeit bill at the store, however, since it's possible for a fake bill to change hands many times before being detected, the individual who used the fake money to purchase items at the store may not have known the money was fake but could still remember how it came to be in their possession.

Most businesses use money markers which are very effective in catching fake bills at the counter, but in this case, according to the store employee, they hadn't yet started using the markers but now will start immediately.  

No device or person is 100% effective in detecting fake money but according to our internet research the best way is still the human touch, the texture and feel of the paper will alert an expert store cashier or bank teller to phony money instantly nearly every time. However, visual plays a part as well, and this is a no brainer, if a customer attempts to make a purchase with several same size bills $5, $10, $20 etc... that all bear the same serial number, these bills are without a doubt phony.

Also, not actually100% but ATM machines are virtually impossible to to fool, making ATMs a very safe way to deposit or withdraw paper money.

In a nutshell, the holidays are here and so are the thieves, so be alert when dealing with paper money regardless where you get it or its denomination.

The photo here was provided by the store employee and is the of the actual fake bill that was found in the deposit at the bank on Monday.




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