Receiving the letters is Mr. Philpot's son, Johnny Philpot

Lost Letters from a Vietnam Soldier to his Wife Returned after Discovery at Laurel County Sheriff's Office in London, Kentucky

This LSO press release has been misplaced for nearly a year but we believe the message it conveys is as strong as ever.

LONDON, KY - Laurel County Sheriff John Root is reporting that: Laurel Sheriff's Detective Bryon Lawson along with Detective Robert Reed found letters, many not yet opened while purging outdated files at the Sheriff's office in London.

Through investigation and with assistance from Angelika Weaver, the Williamsburg City Police Victim’s Advocate, determined that the letters had apparently been stolen in a burglary of Johnny Philpot’s home in Williamsburg, KY many years ago.

It has been learned that the letters some dated as long ago as March 9, 1964 had been sent from Johnny Philpot to his wife while he was in Vietnam serving in military service.

With help from Angelika Weaver, Johnny Philpot's son also named Johnny Philpot, was tracked down and on Thursday, January 5, 2023, the letters were returned to him.

His father was still living and the letters were to be returned to him by his son.

Pictured receiving the letters is the son, Johnny Philpot.

Also pictured is a letter and a close-up of a postal stamp dated 1964.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root stated that it was his privilege and honor to see that the letters made their way back to Mr. Philpot.


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