Attorney General Russell Coleman

Attorney General Russell Coleman Delivers Remarks at Kentucky Ceremonial Swearing-In

‘Today, we are getting back in the fight. To protect Kentucky families. To uphold the rule of law.’

FRANKFORT, KY (Jan. 2, 2024) – Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman delivered the following remarks today after participating in a swearing-in ceremony for the newly-elected Constitutional Officers in the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda.

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Angela McCormick Bisig administered the oath to General Coleman, who was joined by his family.

“To say that I am honored to offer this particular set of remarks, in this particular space, takes understatement to a whole new level. 

“Leader McConnell. Governor Beshear. Mr. Speaker. President Stivers. Justices of the Supreme Court. Distinguished Members of our General Assembly. Constitutional Officer Colleagues. And my fellow Kentuckians.

“Today, we are getting back in the fight. To protect Kentucky families. To uphold the rule of law. 

“As I stand here, I can’t help but think back to another first day. There I stood as a pretty green Kentucky lawyer, eager but inexperienced, at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virgina. 

“On my left and my right, I saw seasoned law men and women, decorated military veterans fresh from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and impressively credentialed professionals from our nation’s most prestigious universities. 

“And I couldn’t help but think: How in the world did I sneak in here? 

“It certainly wasn’t on my own. 

“At every step of my career in public service and private practice, I’ve been bolstered by the strong and steadfast support of loved ones, friends and colleagues. Ds and Rs, from country lawyers, to cops, to a couple Attorneys General of the United States. And I have been especially fortunate to serve and now consider a friend and mentor, the Republican Leader of the U.S. Senate.

“I am so very grateful. 

“I must stop here and say a humble thank you to my wife Ashley, my family, and our team. You’ve made this day a reality, and I pray that the good we do for our Commonwealth is commensurate with your hard work. 

“Many months later at the end of my training at the FBI Academy, we took an Oath—a solemn promise not unlike the one you just witnessed.

“Less dueling but largely similar.

“Before taking that Oath, before receiving that small brass badge that symbolized so much, the grizzled Instructor growled at us that from that day forward, we would never again be allowed to run away from threats.

“Each of us now had the responsibility to run toward the fight. 

“Because that’s what we ask our law enforcement officers to do. 

“And that’s the essence of the promise that I am making today.

“To make Kentucky safer.

“And to enforce the rule of law. 

“Towering above us – and perhaps sitting just to my left – are some of our Commonwealth’s greatest sons. 

“I’ve looked at Henry Clay as a guiding light of public service since preparing for class in his gardens while in law school at UK. I studied for the Kentucky Bar Exam on his lawn, have a bookshelf full of Clay biographies, and my wife and I were married on the steps of his Estate Ashland. 

“We even named our son Clay. Hoping that he picks up on the statesmanship vibe and less on the all night poker games and dueling. 

“Senator Clay was no shrinking violet in defending his values, but he put pragmatism over passion. He got things done at a perilous time in our history. 

“That is the commitment that each of my gifted Constitutional Officer colleagues is making to you. 

“To seek collaboration where we can, but to go to the fight to improve the lives of those we serve, whether in the shadow of this building or far from the Golden Triangle.  

“Thank you all for your support and friendship. 

“May God protect the men and women of Kentucky law enforcement and the people of our Commonwealth.

“Now, let’s get to work.”



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