One Step Meth Lab

Police in London, Kentucky Locate Inactive "One Step Meth Lab" after Tipster Reports Possible Drug Activity

LONDON, KY - On Monday, January 1, 2024, Officer Jeremy Gabbard was on routine patrol when he received a tip about possible drug activity on Spring Street.

Officer Gabbard, along with other officers, acting on this information and located what appeared to be a "One Step Meth Lab" on the side of the road.

Officers made contact with the Kentucky State Police for proper disposal and after speaking with them, it was determined that the Lab was no longer active and could be safely disposed of by the London Police Department.

The investigation is ongoing at this time, but the London Police Department would like to caution anyone that might come in contact with items of this type.

These items can be extremely dangerous and volatile. If these or similar items are located DO NOT move or disturb the bottle or canister as they can explode causing serious injury, burns or fire.

Please notify law enforcement immediately.

The London Police Department can be reached by dialing 911 or calling the non-emergency line to the Laurel County Dispatch Center at 606-878-7000.


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