MANCHESTER, KY - Losing a pet is hard, but for Alexandra Roberts who suffers with a medical disorder it’s even harder. Skye is her much needed support dog and best friend. Skye, a six-year-old black mouth cur mix, went missing on Friday evening November 24th, 2024, while Alexandra was visiting her parents on White Hall in Clay County, Kentucky.

A massive social media campaign has been underway in an attempt to locate Skye but so far has been unsuccessful.

“Skye is so important to me!” Alexandra says. “Skye is a registered support dog and my best friend. She helps me with my borderline personality disorder and losing her has exacerbated the symptoms.”

SKYE Hometime

Alexandra and Skye travelled to Clay County from Nashville, TN in order to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her family unsuspecting of the heartache they would soon face.

Posts about Skye have been shared thousands of times and the Roberts family is doing everything they can to bring her home.

Skye has only been seen once since she was reported missing.

“We hired pet investigators, renowned detectives Karin TarQwyn and Angie Rutherford, with scent dogs who came and literally scent scanned all the "sightings" including the trail cams,” Alexandra said. “None of them hit except for one near Lockards Creek, KY. We know the scent dogs had the scent because they tracked her from the house and down the hill where we know she went.”

Roberts says they are sure Skye was on Lockards Creek the evening she went missing, not far from White Hall.

“The scent dogs tracked her from my parent’s house, down the hill, a mile west up the road to the point the Lockards Creek sighting was, a mile north up Lockards Creek Road, then the scent went cold,” she said. “Four different dogs tracked the same spot as being the last place she was. There is literally no other scent of her at any other sightings or areas we thought she could’ve run off to.”

Investigators tell Roberts this could mean multiple things.

“This means one of three things, she died, but we cannot find a body, evidence of her being shot or run over, etc.…; something royally screwed up the scent; or she was picked up by someone,” Roberts said. “We’re thinking the last scenario is most likely what happened.”

Flyers, along with social media posts, are all over Clay County, KY in hopes of someone knowing something about her whereabouts will come forward.

Of course since Skye went missing on Thanksgiving weekend, there were people from all across the country visiting with family in Manchester and Clay County which opens up the real possibility that someone from another state may have picked her up, so in reality Skye could be anywhere in the United States.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for her return and no questions will be asked, Roberts says.

“I’m hoping someone has her and is taking good care of Skye and just doesn’t want to take her to the pound and hasn’t thought to get her chip scanned. We just need to reach that person. Please keep looking. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and church. Most importantly, please continue sharing this article on your social media pages!”

The chip could have failed and not scanned properly as well. Investigators and psychics - yes, pet psychics - think a family has her and is taking good care of her, but this family doesn’t venture on the internet much. They may be farmers, creatives, and could live within 10 miles of Lockards Creek or a thousand miles away It’s imperative to get the word out to people who are not on Facebook and may not personally have internet service but who take in animals.

Skye is tan with a black muzzle, has one blue eye and one brown eye, is microchipped, and was last seen wearing a red and white collar. Skye is about 50 lbs. she’s very friendly and would most likely get in a vehicle with anyone if she didn’t sense danger. She has a cracked back molar that she was scheduled to have removed before she went missing. 

Please call/text 606-225-6907 if you have any information at all.

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