URGENT: Kentucky Senate Bill 173 Aims to Safeguard the Most Vulnerable Among Us - Caroline is Part of Your World!

KENTUCKY (Urgent Call for Support) - In the heart of our community lives Caroline, a 32-year-old woman with Level 3 autism, the most severe form, characterized by significant communication challenges and a profound dependence on others for basic needs. Her days are filled with simplicity and an innocent love for "The Little Mermaid," yet hidden behind her sky-blue eyes is a world fraught with vulnerability and mistreatment.

This young woman's life in a Medicaid-funded Supports for Community Living (SCL) home is supposed to offer her safety and dignity as an alternative to institutional living. However, the reality is starkly different. Despite the caregivers' best efforts, the industry faces challenges in attracting and retaining compassionate and competent staff, leading to instances of neglect and abuse that go unreported and unaddressed due to the victims' inability to communicate.

The statistics are alarming: a survey by the Disability and Abuse Project reveals that 70% of individuals with developmental disabilities in group homes have experienced neglect or abuse. This is not just an isolated issue but a systemic failure that demands immediate action.

In response, Senator Reginald Thomas (D-KY) has introduced Senate Bill 173, which proposes the use of surveillance cameras in private residential rooms of group homes. This measure seeks to protect the residents by deterring potential abusers and providing crucial evidence for holding perpetrators accountable. Despite opposition from various associations citing privacy concerns and potential misuse, the bill emphasizes the right to safety and security over privacy, especially for those unable to voice their own experiences.

The objections raised against the bill, from privacy violations to the potential for misuse of cameras, overlook the essential need for transparency and accountability in the care of our community's most defenseless members. It's imperative to understand that surveillance serves as a voice for those who cannot speak and a guardian for those who cannot protect themselves.

Robert Stivers 200As constituents of Kentucky, we have a moral obligation to advocate for the rights and well-being of all members of our community, especially the most vulnerable. This is not a matter of partisan politics but ofhuman decency and compassion.

Take Action Now: Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Senator Robert Stivers (R), the Senate President, holds significant influence in the Kentucky Assembly. It's crucial that he hears from you, the constituents, about the importance of passing Senate Bill 173.

By emailing Senator Stivers at  or calling 1-800-372-7181 to express your support for the bill, you contribute to safeguarding the rights and safety of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.




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