Secretary of State Michael Adams


FRANKFORT, KY – Secretary of State Michael Adams announced that voter registration continued to grow ahead of the May primary, with 8,306 new voters registering April 1 through the April 22 pre-primary registration deadline.

“It’s time for Kentuckians to have their say for President and other important offices,” said Adams. “It remains easy to vote and hard to cheat in the Commonwealth.”

In April, 4,593 voters were removed – 3,349 dead voters, 562 voters who moved out of state, 543 felony convicts, 59 duplicate registrations, 48 voters who voluntarily de-registered, and 32 voters adjudged mentally incompetent.

Republican registrants constitute 46 percent of the electorate, with 1,615,451 voters. Republican registration rose by 2,684 voters, a .17 percent increase. Democratic registrants make up 43 percent of the electorate, with 1,511,242 voters. Democratic registration dropped by 716 voters, a .05 percent decrease. There are 364,312 voters registered Independent or third-party, 10 percent of the electorate. “Other” registration went up by 1,745 voters, a .48 percent increase.

Kentuckians are eligible to vote early with no-excuse on May 16-18. In addition, polls will be open from 6 am to 6 pm on May 21. Polling locations can be found at

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