Clay County Clerk Michael Baker outlines 2020 Primary Election process

Voting Poster 2020 banner

MANCHESTER, KY - A post card will be sent out from the State Board of Elections to all registered voters informing you of the changes that have been made as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and how to get a ballot.

  • (1) All registered voters should request a paper ballot be mailed to your address in order to vote. The ballot can be mailed back to my office postmarked no later than June 23, 2020 (a returned postage paid envelope will be included).
  • (2) You can request a ballot by phone through the County Clerks Office by calling (606) 598-2544 or a secure online portal will be available through the State Board of Elections website in a few weeks that will require personally identifiable information.
  • (3) One polling location will be open to provide an in person, appointment option for anyone who can’t vote by mail, beginning June 8-23 Election Day. Please allow these appointments to be reserved for people who don’t have an address, or that need to use our machine that is equipped for people with disabilities.
  • (4) Precincts WILL NOT BE OPEN on Election Day. One poling location mentioned in #3 above will be open on Election Day.
  • (5) All mailed ballots will go through a signature match for security before being counted.

Please do your part to make our community stay safe as we vote in this Primary. Contact us to receive your ballot or if you have any questions. Please watch for more updates to come. Thank you!

Just to clarify:

There WILL BE a polling location open on Election Day, just as there will be from June 8-22 for in person absentee voting. There WILL NOT BE voting at all 20 of our precincts like on a normal Election Day.

The state is encouraging everyone to vote an absentee ballot by mail, and reserve the in person voting, as well as the voting on Election Day, for people who are unable to vote by mail, for people with disabilities that may need to use the voting machine that complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) that might not otherwise be able to exercise their right to vote, and for those people who are homeless that do not have an address, but are registered and eligible to vote.

We are following the guidelines and mandates that are being issued by the Secretary of State and the Governor’s Office. They are issuing new updates almost daily. No one has experienced the type of crisis that we are in with the coronavirus.


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