Ode to Mothers and Moms! Happy Mother's Day!

  Ode to Mothers and Moms!  

Ode to Mothers and Moms

Mothers are kind, helpful, and sweet;
They help us to stand up on our own two little feet;
Moms are wise and ever correcting,
They even know we don't care much for their directing;

Mothers endure pain, sacrifice, and provide much joy,
They provide each boy with their favorite toy;
Moms teach life lessons and how to curl,
They take the time to teach each little girl;

Mothers provide, they give and smile,
Mothers defend all the way through the last mile;
Moms cook, clean, and provide many a hot meal,
Moms swaddle, diaper, and love us like the real deal;

Mothers care for our fevers and are up all night,
Mothers cherish our every breath with all their might;
Moms show us the light that forever leads the way;
Moms provide the lessons to help keep us from going astray;

Moms work everyday to complete every task,
Moms even when stresed resist the flask,
Mothers help us to read, count, and get dressed up,
Mothers show us how to keep our chins up;

Your mom, my mom, we love them so,
My mom, your mom, they are always ready to go;
They take us to school even when we think we are too cool,
They care for our every need when so little that we drool,

Their is nothing more special than a Mother,
And no matter what life reveals their can be no other,
She is that special caregiver who gives and gives,
Your mother and my mother, their mission forever lives!


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