Statement from Gov. Beshear on Vote to Remove Davis Statue from Capitol Rotunda

Governor Andy Beshear 600

Governor Andy Beshear

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 12, 2020) – “Today has been a historic day in the Commonwealth. Pursuant to my request, the Historic Properties Advisory Commission met and, in a bipartisan vote, voted to remove the Jefferson Davis statue from our Rotunda.

It was past time for this vote and for this action. But what it will mean is that we get a little closer to truly being Team Kentucky – that every child who walks into this Capitol feels welcome, and none of them have to look at a symbol and a statue that stands for the enslavement of their ancestors. Today is a move toward showing that everybody is welcome in this building and that our government should work for the betterment of every single Kentuckian – that we have systematic issues that we must address, but that now is the time to truly move forward, to truly make progress and to show that Team Kentucky includes every single Kentuckian.” —Governor Andy Beshear


You can watch a video statement from Gov. Beshear here:


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