BREAKING: America's first Coronavirus vaccine doses are administered!

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45th President of the United States Donald Trump

The White House (December 14, 2020 ) - Today, medical workers administered the first COVID-19 vaccine doses in the United States–a feat that earlier this year many experts claimed would take a miracle.

"This spring, experts predicted that a vaccine was at least a year or year-and-a-half away," Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said. "Yet, within a year, we have one vaccine authorized—millions of doses being shipped—and another vaccine under review by the FDA."
Accomplishing the "impossible" has defined President Trump's Administration. When the Coronavirus came to our shores, the President cut Washington red tape and mobilized both the public and private sectors to develop a safe, effective vaccine. The nationwide manufacturing and distribution systems created under Operation Warp Speed constitute the largest mobilization of American industry since World War II.
As President Trump says, this pandemic started in China—but America will end it.
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On top of clearing unnecessary barriers to get a vaccine to the American people in record time, President Trump just signed an executive order to ensure that U.S. citizens are the first in line for it. President Trump always puts our country first. The delivery of the Coronavirus vaccine is no different.
None of this success would be possible without both our courageous frontline medical workers and our incredible United States military. Today is a momentous victory for all Americans—and the rest of the world—in defeating this terrible virus.  
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