U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Mitch McConnell: Democrats' Reckless Tax-and-Spend Spree Packed With "Green New Deal" Goodies

'Our Democratic colleagues have dreamt up another reckless taxing and spending spree that would stick families with even higher costs, even higher taxes, and an even shakier economy.'

 WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 27, 2021) – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Democrats' reckless tax and spending spree:

"While American families worry about rising costs, Washington Democrats want to embark on yet another reckless, multi-trillion-dollar taxing and spending spree.

"Recent surveys show that more than 80 percent of Americans are somewhat or very worried about the rising cost of living.

"And 73 percent say they're worried about impending tax hikes.

"But our Democratic colleagues have dreamt up another reckless taxing and spending spree that would stick families with even higher costs, even higher taxes, and an even shakier economy.

"The overall price tag is so outrageous, and the potential economic damage so significant, that you can almost forget to look at all the terrible policies Democrats are hoping to hide behind the jaw-dropping dollar figure.

"Blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants...

"Pieces of their effort to take over all 50 states' election laws under false pretenses...

"A socialist price-setting scheme for prescription medicines that would lead to fewer new treatments and fewer new cures and especially hurt people with rare or unusual diseases...

"A bill that would have "the Swamp" redistributing money away from working families who don't make childcare arrangements the way Democrats want...

"And then there is the huge catalog of expensive and radical "Green New Deal" policies that Democrats say they want to ram through as part of this spree.

"For example: Democrats want to use this party-line vote to slap an expensive new carbon tax on certain imports before American consumers get to buy them.

"That's after already sticking working families with higher prices due to inflation.

"And to add insult to injury, international trade experts have also warned this new carbon tax scheme will lead to foreign retaliation, costing our nation jobs, wages, and economic prosperity. 

"It's a one-two punch threatening the livelihoods of working families across America. Just ask the American farmers who worry foreign retaliation will depress their grain and livestock prices while increasing their input costs like fertilizer.

"Democrats also want a new set of top-down mandates that would crush the affordable forms of energy that keep Americans' lights on, heat and cool Americans' homes, put gas in Americans' cars, and provide a whole lot of American workers their jobs.

"They want every Senate Democrat to line up unanimously behind the most liberal plans to wage war on fossil fuels.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: Our distinguished colleague Chairman Sanders may not have won the last presidential primary, but on the Democratic side, it sure looks like his socialist philosophy is winning the war.

"House Democrats, the far left, and the Administration keep floating this endless eco-socialist shopping list — and apparently they expect every single Senate Democrat to just fall in line.

"They want to further expand giant tax credit giveaways for costly electric cars — when 80% of it is going to households earning six figures and up.

"They also want money and mandates to push the entire federal government fleet toward electric cars, too. Wouldn't you just love to see an IRS auditor pull up to your tax audit in a 97-thousand-dollar Tesla?

"By the way, the Biden Administration's own statistics admit the comparable gas-powered vehicle would cost taxpayers tens of thousands less.

"Democrats have even floated big federal giveaways for electric school busses — but zero help if rural schools need to replace a diesel bus with another diesel. 

"Just what rural school boards have been longing for. 

"And don't forget Democrats' discussion of using federal dollars to remodel or reconstruct millions of homes and buildings they find insufficiently "green."

"I remember awhile back when Democrats won one outlet's "Lie of the Year" award for promising if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Maybe this year will feature a remake: If you like your house, you can keep your house?

"It just does not end. It reads like one massive effort to upend life in places like Kentucky and West Virginia and Montana and Iowa and all throughout America's heartland until it fits the fashions of West Coast millionaires.

"Another effort to push the unaffordable, unworkable Green New Deal on American families who do not want it.

"And this is just one corner of the absurd, reckless taxing and spending spree that our Democratic colleagues are cooking up."



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