Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Attorney General Cameron Issues Statement in Regards to School Mask Mandate by Kentucky Governor

FRANKFORT, KY – Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 continued his fight to uphold the rule of law by responding to the Governor’s executive order mandating masks in schools and childcare facilities. 

The Attorney General’s filing before the Kentucky Supreme Court argues that the Governor’s latest order disregards the laws passed by the General Assembly during the 2021 session and violates a Boone Circuit Court injunction.

The Attorney General issued the following statement:

“A Kentucky Circuit Court Judge issued a binding injunction against the Governor and said that he must follow the laws passed by the General Assembly.  Yesterday, the Governor directly ignored the court and engaged in an unlawful exercise of power by issuing his executive order.

The legitimacy of our government depends on the Governor respecting the judicial power of the courts and the law-making power of the legislature, and right now he is disregarding both.

The Governor does not have to choose between following the science and following the law. The two can and should work together. If he believes that the science requires a statewide mask mandate for schools and childcare centers, then he needs to do what the law requires and work with the General Assembly to put the necessary health precautions in place.

The matter remains before the Supreme Court, and the court will now review our arguments and determine what process the Governor must follow.”

A copy of the Attorney General’s filing is available here.


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