KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Division in Kentucky participating in "Operation Air Brake Safety Week"

FRANKFORT, KY (August 23, 2021) –The Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Division is participating in ‘Operation Air Brake Safety Week’, a national campaign dedicated to reducing the number of highway crashes caused by faulty brake systems on commercial vehicles. During the week of August 22-28, KSP officers and inspectors will emphasize the importance of brake systems by conducting inspections and removing commercial motor vehicles found to have brake-related violations from our roadways.

“The dedicated work that our officers and inspectors do on a daily basis make roadways safer for all who travel through our state,” says Major Nathan Day, Director for the KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. “Trucking companies are an important part of commerce in the commonwealth and this campaign is a great reminder for them to perform proactive brake maintenance on their fleets.”

In addition, many motor carriers work to educate their drivers, mechanics and others on the importance of proper brake inspection, maintenance and operation.

Paschall Trucking Lines, Inc. (PTL) is just one of the many commercial vehicle companies in the state who prioritize regular safety protocols for their fleet.

“Our safety mission at PTL is to reduce crashes and injuries as well as to ensure DOT compliance,” says David Gibbs, President of Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. “Safety First and Safety Driven is our core belief and we support all actions by our partners at the KSP in helping achieve that goal.”

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) latest “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts” report, ‘brake system’ was the third most cited vehicle-related factor in fatal commercial motor vehicle and passenger vehicle crashes.

In 2020, During last year’s Brake Safety Week, 12% of the 43,565 commercial motor vehicles inspected were placed out of service for brake-related violations.

August, the month of CVSA’s Brake Safety Week, is also Brake Safety Awareness Month. Law enforcement agencies across the country will work to educate commercial motor vehicle drivers, motor carriers, mechanics, owner-operators and others on the importance of proper brake maintenance, operation and performance through outreach, education and awareness campaigns.

The Paschall Trucking Company is based in Murray, Ky. and has been in operation since 1937.

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