LSO K-9 Forensic Team from Laurel County, Kentucky attend Special Training Seminar

LONDON, KY (October, 26, 2021) - Laurel County Sheriff John Root is reporting that: The Laurel County Sheriff's Office K-9 Forensic Team recently traveled to Jonesville, South Carolina to attend a training seminar.

The seminar was conducted by Michel Galliot, who is the Forensic K-9 Program Director and Forensic K-9 Handler for the Richland County Coroner's Office, and is also the founder of K-9 Search Special Operations.

The focus of this K-9 training seminar was on finding both an elevated and buried source, and how aspects of the elements and the environment affect the K-9’s scent recognition.

The LSO K-9 Forensic Team would like to thank Michel Galliot and Richland County Coroner's Office for hosting this excellent training seminar, and providing our team with invaluable instruction and experience to help them continually improve their skills when working in the field.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root stated that “continuing education and training will remain an integral part of the Laurel County Sheriff's Office K-9 Program.”

Photo: L to R - Special Deputy/HRD K-9 handler Tammy Elza with her HRD-K9 "Carbon", seminar instructor Michel Galliot and Special Deputy/HRD-K-9 handler Michelle Day with her HRD-K9 "Dakota".



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