Successful 2022 "Meet the Clay County Candidates Political Forum" in Manchester, Kentucky / Videos in this Article

MANCHESTER, KY (April 28, 2022) - On the evenings of Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Dr. James M. Davis, Ed.D. hosted and moderated a "Meet the Clay County Candidates Political Forum 2022" in Manchester, Kentucky,

A very enthusiastic group of voters turned out for the event which was held in the Community Room of the Clay County Library.

Attendance Tuesday evening was "wall-to-wall" with Clay County residents eager to hear the higher profile candidates responses to the simple but very important questions asked by Dr. Davis about their ideas, accomplishments and visions on how they could help make Clay County a safer, cleaner and more productive area of southeastern Kentucky that would attract new residents and tourists as well as new industry.

Wednesday evening wasn't as crowded but still a large group of attentive Clay Countians on hand that appeared especially interested in what the Magistrate candidates had to say in reply to the moderator's questions.

All candidates in the May 2022 primary election were invited to participate:

  • Not all chose to do so

ClayCoNews was present at the event and decided to do video with a device that was currently available to us at the time and there was an unpredictable glitch that occurred during the recording process.

Except for the County Clerk debate all the effected footage was recovered and is now available for viewing below in this article and on the ClayCoNews YouTube channel as well.

The County Clerk candidates that were not videoed can contact ClayCoNewsat  and we will allow them to make a personal video statement if they wish.

The County Judge Executive Debate is in two separate videos

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