Love, anger, hatred, violence - What a book!

Bob Lambert

By Bob Lambert

As I am sitting here words are flying through my head, similar to a tornado's ferocity. I am scurrying to write them down with some sort of order thart makes them understandable to me, ultimately to you.

What is religion? To listen to some it's "Fear the Lord"' to others it's "Love the Lord". In retrospect, I loved my parents, yet I never feared them. Yet, through my earthly fallibililty I failed them many times, they pointed this out to me in an explicit manner (spanking). I still didn't fear them, but loved them even more for some unexplainable reason! To this day I respect what my parents went through raising me. Those of you who know me should respect that also.

In life I have failed both God and my parents numerable times, sought, and recieved forgiveness, hopefully! I was taught to love God and not to fear Him. Through the bible, going to church, looking at nature, meeting with others around me.

Speaking of nature, Wow! Flowers, leaves, trees, birds. I was taught here in Kentucky how to distinguish good, edible plants, stay away from plants that might harm me. These bad plants even serve a purpose in nature, too! Walking through the woods with native Kentuckians opened a whole new world to this ignorant human. I became aware of the beauty, life sustaining properties surrounding me, knowledge of nature increased my love of God, not fear.

Understanding of part of the bible came to me through Jim Burchell, and other inspired people who deem it proper to think and use that wonderful thing called a brain. They are biblical scholars. No reciting what others tell them, but searching and searching for understanding.

Anyone who says they understands the whole bible, really doesn't! I wish some one could clear up the conundrums that exist in that wonderful book. Every human emotion exists in the bible. Love, anger, hatred, violence, you name it, it's there. But we seem to be lazy, wanting others to tell us what is in the bible instead of reading the bible ourselves. What a mistake!

Search for understanding in the bible. It can be fun, definitly interesting, and personally rewarding. What other book can do that?

Few people have read the bible, the old testament, in the original Aramaic, continued in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Roman, and finally in English, (centuries after Christ walked the earth.) But few have read it.  I wonder what was lost, or equally importantly, added in translation. I suggest we all read it, and find out .

In simple words, the old testament is an explanation of the new testament's doctrines, Infallible or not it's a uplifting experience. Say nothing of the fact it has been in print since Guttenburg, longer than any book ever written! I challenge you to defy that!! And, today, China, an atheistic country, prints more bibles than any other country in the world yet deems it a crime to own one in that country!

Inspite of the obvious conumdruns contained in biblical retoric, we must have faith that our limited understanding is correct.

In summation, I propose fear of the unknown is unreasonable. Respect for the known is advised, and continuing our understanding.of the bible is necessary.

Bob Lambert

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