"15 to Finish" campaign urges students to take full course schedule

A statewide campaign launched this week urges full-time college students to finish college faster by completing a full 15-credit schedule each semester, or 30 credits a year, the standard course load for on-time graduation.

The 15 to Finish” campaign will promote the benefits of completing a full course schedule, which include saving time and money, and getting into the workforce sooner.

“Much of our administration’s emphasis over the last six years has been on creating a stronger, healthier and more educated population, in essence building our human capital,” Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson said.

“The governor and I know that if Kentucky is to compete for 21st century jobs, we must have a highly trained, skilled and educated workforce. Fifteen to Finish is an important campaign by CPE that will raise awareness for our students and their families about the benefits of on-time graduation.”

The campaign is a collaborative project of Kentucky’s colleges and universities and the Council on Postsecondary Education.

“Time is money when it comes to on-time graduation,” said Council on Postsecondary Education President Bob King. “Students avoid the cost of extra semesters, incur less debt, and can get in the workforce sooner to begin earning higher incomes.

“And the research shows that the longer students let college drag on, the less likely they are to graduate because life circumstances, even positive ones, get in the way of degree completion,” King added.

Students who take a full course schedule can finish an associate degree in two years and most bachelor’s degrees in four years.

The majority of full-time students only need to add one more class to stay on track to on-time graduation since most full-time students take 12 credit hours. According to CPE data, 75 percent of first-time, full-time students at Kentucky’s public colleges and universities are off track to graduate on-time by their sophomore year.

The campaign is a key strategy of a larger student success effort to increase high quality degrees and credentials, increase graduation rates and close achievement gaps.

Beginning this spring to coincide with registration, public service radio and TV ads will run throughout Kentucky. Campuses will also launch their own marketing efforts, and promotions will include Web campaigns, social media, posters and direct messaging to students and staff.

Governor Steven L. Beshear issued a proclamation and declared Jan. 8, 2014 as 15 to Finish Day in Kentucky.

The initiative is part of a nationwide effort promoted by Complete College America, an organization whose mission is to increase the number of Americans with career certificates or college degrees.

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