Democrats Ignore Transparency, Vote on Road Budget and Road Plan

Hoover making point of order on House floor



FRANKFORT, Ky. – House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover yesterday spoke against the process the House Democrat Leadership used to draft the proposed road budget and plan for the Commonwealth over the next two years.

Left: Hoover making point of order on House floor

“It should be troubling to the people of Kentucky when House Democrats keep their plan hidden from lawmakers and the press until literally minutes before moving for a vote,” said Rep. Hoover. “The Commonwealth deserves better than the partisan tactics used by House Democrat Leadership.”

“The House Democrats removed road projects of $2.7 billion in the original six-year road plan in areas represented by House Republicans. This is nothing more than political retribution because House Republicans stood up against increasing the gas tax,” Rep. Hoover added. “To ask our citizens to pay more at the pump, while at the same time picking and choosing where the money goes, is reprehensible and all Kentuckians should be outraged.”


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