Idaho State Police is Hiring New Troopers Throughout Idaho

MERIDIAN - The Idaho State Police is currently testing those who desire to become Troopers. The testing process began on April 18th and will close on May 16th. ISP anticipates hiring approximately 20 new Troopers. The hiring process takes about 6 months to complete and successful candidates will begin training in November 2014.

What does it take to become a Trooper? It takes a significant commitment to make it through some stringent requirements to earn the title of Idaho State Police Trooper. "ISP truly has high expectations for those who would be called 'Trooper.'" said Colonel Ralph Powell. "It is the responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to stand tall and firm between good and evil and so it starts with the highest moral and ethical standards, both on and off duty," he continued.

If you think you have what it takes, begin the process with the online application and exam. Those that are selected will then have an oral board examination and will need to pass a physical fitness test. Applicants must then pass an extensive background check which includes reference checks, work history verification, criminal history, and credit checks. Applicants must also pass a series of psychological, medical, and physical fitness examinations. A polygraph exam and substance abuse screening will also be administered. Previous law enforcement experience is not required.

On average, the training process takes about nine months to complete, which includes the 10-week Basic Patrol Academy at the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). Recruits will then have an additional 14-week Advanced Training Class with the ISP Training Division. Upon successful completion of both academies, the new recruit will begin on-the-job field training with experienced Troopers. The academies and on-the-job training are intense and require physically and mentally strong individuals.

Applicants must be willing to work anywhere in the state of Idaho. ISP attempts to accommodate the applicants' choice of location if they are hired, but the assignments are made based on agency's needs first. Troopers will be required to work all shifts including nights, weekends, and holidays. Starting pay for a Trooper is $18.92 per hour and possibly higher if the candidate is a current peace officer with at least three years experience. Additional pay increases are available after a probationary period for skills and education such as Spanish fluency, drug recognition experts, POST certificates and college degrees.

If you are interested in becoming an Idaho State Trooper you must first meet the Minimum Qualifications from Idaho POST requirements, which include:

- United States citizenship;
- Graduate of a high school, or GED equivalent;
- 2 or more years of responsible work experience or attendance at an institution of higher learning following high school graduation;
- Fingerprint clearance by the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification and the FBI;
- A conviction or withheld judgment for any local, state, or federal crime may be grounds for rejection;
and - Have a valid driver's license

Additional qualifications include:

- Meet the Idaho State Police Drug Policy requirements;
- Meet the POST medical, vision, and hearing requirements;
and - Meet the requirements of the POST Physical Readiness Test.

The following is a list of likely employment disqualifiers at the Idaho State Police. Do not apply if you:

- Do not meet the requirements of the Idaho State Police Drug Policy;
- Have any felony conviction;
- Have any misdemeanor conviction within 5 years of your application date;
- Have ever been decertified as a peace officer in any state or jurisdiction; or
- Have been given any of the following Military Discharges:

Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD);
Dishonorable Discharge (DD); or
Administrative Discharge of than Honorable (OTH).

Interested applicants can read more detail and view videos about this exciting opportunity and apply online by visiting the Idaho State Police website at To begin the testing process go to


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