Kentucky State Police Announce Top Trooper, Detective, CVE Officer, Facilities Security Officer and Other Awards

(FRANKFORT, Ky.)--- The Kentucky State Police announced the 2013 Trooper of the Year, Detective of the Year, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer of the Year, Facilities Security Officer of the Year and other awards for acts of bravery, life-saving, professionalism and dedication to duty today at the Frankfort Convention Center. Flatwoods, Ky.-resident Tpr. First Class Shane L. Goodall was named 2013 Trooper of the Year. A 13-year veteran of the Kentucky State Police, he is assigned to KSP Post 14 in Ashland.

KSP’s top officers for 2013 include (left to right) Officer Craig Shouse (Facilities Security Officer of the Year), Detective Ricky Brooks, of KSP Post 15 in Columbia (Detective of the Year), Trooper First Class Shane Goodall, of KSP Post 14 in Ashland (Trooper of the Year) and Officer Harold Mosley of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Region 1 in Henderson (Jason Cammack Officer of the Year).

During the past year, Goodall issued 573 citations with 18 DUI’s while answering 490 complaints. In addition to being a field training officer and his post’s taser instructor, he has worked tirelessly on drug interdictions and undercover operations. During a three month period, he seized 1,764 prescription pills and $21,875 in cash while confiscating two vehicles, 581.7 grams of heroin and one once ounce of marijuana. His numerous arrests have prevented large quantities of prescription pills, heroin and marijuana from reaching the streets. During two knock and talk operations, he seized one gram of methamphetamine and 58 marijuana plants.
His efforts also affected property crimes such as burglaries and thefts, which are closely tied to drug activity. He investigated 26 criminal cases, recruited two informants and arrested four fugitives from other states.

School safety is also a priority for Goodall, who regularly patrols and visits local schools and participates in school lockdown drills. He also made 69 additional school visits on his own during his shifts.

Goodall is a 1995 graduate of Nitro (W.Va.) High School. He is the son of Cheryl Eckenrode of Cross Lanes, W.Va.
Center, Ky.-resident Det. Ricky M. Brooks was named 2013 Detective of the Year. A 10-year veteran of the Kentucky State Police, he is assigned to KSP Post 15 in Columbia.

In 2013, Brooks achieved a 75 percent clearance rate for cases he was assigned.

A list of his investigations is impressive. In one case, he continued to investigate and coordinate five gang members charged with murder, which encompassed 1-1/2 years and more than 1,000 man hours, resulting in one conviction with another set for trial this September. In another case, while investigating a shooting death that resulted from an extramarital affair, he was able to locate and recover the submerged murder weapon which led to a conviction. Working with an out-of-state agency, he was able to locate another suspect in a murder and kidnapping case in a neighboring state. He was also able to obtain a confession in a stabbing case, where the victim’s body was concealed under an abandoned home.

A 1998 graduate of Metcalfe Co. High School, Brooks is the son of Gerald and Ruth Brooks of Edmonton, Ky.
Henderson, Ky.-resident Officer Harold E. Mosley was named the 2013 Jason Cammack Officer of the Year for the KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. A four- year veteran of the division, Mosley is assigned to CVE Region 1 based in Henderson.

In 2013 Mosley led his region in commercial vehicle activity with a total of 902 citations and 96 arrests including 18 DUI arrests. He conducted 591 commercial vehicle inspections: 336 of these were Level 1 inspections and 21.4 percent contained hazardous materials. He also assisted the KSP post in his area on numerous occasions by participating in Operation Black Friday and four Internet Crimes Against Children details.

A 2006 graduate of Knott Co. Central High School, Mosley is the son of the late Harold Mosley, Sr. and Bernice Vance of Hindman, Ky.

Owenton, Ky.-resident Officer Craig Shouse was named 2013 Facilities Security Officer of the Year. A 10-year veteran of the agency, Shouse is a1975 graduate of Conner High School in Hebron, Ky. He is the son of the late James Shouse and Yvonne Shouse of Boone County, Ky.

The KSP Citation for Bravery, an honor bestowed on officers of the agency who perform acts of bravery, without regard for personal risk, of clear and obvious peril and clearly above and beyond the call or risk of ordinary duty, was presented to:

Trooper Jody W. Cash, Post 1, Mayfield
Trooper Danny E. Caudill, Post 10, Harlan
Trooper William L. Cowan, Post 11, London
Trooper Ryan D. Fox, Post 2, Madisonville
Sr. Trooper James E. Hensley, Post 10, Harlan
Sgt. John C. Hollon, Post 9, Pikeville
Trooper First Class Christopher A. Ison, Recruitment Branch
Detective Cassandra  J. Mullins, Electronic Crime Branch

The Lifesaving Medal, awarded to officers who perform life-saving acts under extraordinary circumstances, was presented to:

Trooper Edward M. Abner, Post 10 Harlan
Trooper Bobby G. Amon, Post 7, Richmond
Sgt. John Begley (retired), Hazard
Trooper Jeffrey D. Browning, Post 13, Hazard
Detective Benjamin N. Campbell, Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East
Lt. Bobby Day (retired), Manchester
Trooper Chad L. Easterling, Post 13, Hazard
Trooper William J. Howard, Post 10, Harlan
CVE Officer Dennis M. Hutchinson, RVE Region 6, Pikeville
Lt. Claude E. Little, Post 13, Hazard
Trooper Craig A. Miller, Post 10, Harlan
Trooper Roy Pace (retired), Baxter
Trooper Luke A. Pridemore, Post 13, Hazard
Trooper Randall M. Riley, Post 13, Hazard
Sgt. Gary S. Sandlin, Post 7, Richmond
Sgt. James R. Sandlin, Post 10, Harlan
Trooper Roy Brandon Scalf, Post 7, Richmond
Trooper Kenneth I. Sergent, Post 10, Harlan
Sr. Trooper Jody P. Sims, Post 13, Hazard
Detective David M. Slone, Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East
Captain Wesley Blake Slone, Post 13, Hazard
Sgt. Steve A. Smallwood, Post 11, London
CVE Sgt. Oria M. Smith, CVE Region 6, Pikeville
Detective Clayton Stamper, Jr. Post 13, Hazard
Sgt. Tackett W. Wilson, Cannabis Suppression Branch

The Citation for Meritorious Service with “V” Device for Valor, bestowed on officers of the agency who distinguish themselves by an act of courage performed under more than ordinary circumstances, was presented to:

Sr. Trooper Delmer D. Cole, Post 7, Richmond
Trooper Derrick J. Combs, Post 13, Hazard
Trooper Blake D. Frasure, Post 9, Pikeville
Trooper Ronald P. Gilbert, Post 6, Dry Ridge
Sgt. James B. Gross, Post 9, Pikeville
Sgt. John C. Hollon, Post 9, Pikeville
Trooper Keith R. Howard, Post 8, Morehead
Trooper Charles J. King, Post 13, Hazard
Detective Joseph C. Lucas, Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East
Trooper Brent D. Lynch, Post 7, Richmond
Trooper Ben McCray (retired), Morehead
Lt. Jason D. Newby, Post 2, Madisonville
Trooper James G. Reed, Post 7, Richmond
Sgt. Steve A. Smallwood, Post 11, London
Trooper First Class Brandon R. Thomas, Post 13, London
Sgt. Michael A. Wolfe, Post 13, London
Trooper First Class Richard W. Wright, Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations West
The Citation for Meritorious Service, bestowed upon officers of the agency who distinguish themselves by an act of meritorious service of such exceptional character that it contributed to the success of a major command or endeavor, was presented to:
Sergeant Jeffery M. Burden, Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East
Detective Bret A. Kirkland, Post 8, Morehead
CVE Officer Dwight F. Sutton, CVE Region 4, London

Seventeen troopers were named Trooper of the Year at the post, branch or division level. They include:
POST 1 – Trooper Jody W. Cash
POST 2 – Trooper Jonathan C. McGehee
POST 3 – Master Trooper Lonnie D. Hodges
POST 4 – Sr. Trooper Michael E. Garyantes
POST 5 – Trooper Mitchel S. Hazelett
POST 6 – Trooper Ryan P. Roessler
POST 7 – Trooper Leonard J. Carpenter
POST 8 – Trooper Jonathan D. Moore
POST 9 – Trooper Zachary G. Bryson
POST 10 – Trooper Jason T. Partin
POST 11 – Trooper First Class David C. Reed
POST 12 – Sr. Trooper Jack A. Hedges
POST 13 – Trooper Erwin A. Eiserman
POST 14 – Trooper First Class Shane L. Goodall
POST 15 – Trooper Morris W. Farris
POST 16 – Trooper Billy J. Begley
Academy - Sr. Trooper Roger C. Short
Special Operations – Trooper First Class Barry J. Eaton

Seventeen troopers were named Detective of the Year at the post, branch or division level. They include:

POST 1 – Det. Donald R. Bowman, Jr.
POST 2 – Det. Matthew I. Foster
POST 3 – Det. Laura S. Phillips
POST 4 – Det. Daniel J. Propes
POST 5 – Det. Timothy C. Moore
POST 6 – Det. Scott A. Lengle
POST 7 – Det. Rodney G. Wren
POST 8 – Det. Toby K. Gardner
POST 9 – Det. Christopher J. Dials
POST 10 – Det. Mark S. Mefford
POST 11 – Det. Charles J. Senters
POST 12 – Det. Stephen P. Spurlock
POST 13 – Det. Joel A. Abner
POST 14 – Det. Christopher T. Carter
POST 15 – Det. Ricky M. Brooks
POST 16 – Det. John N. Jenkin
Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations East – Det. Larry S. Bowling
Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations West – Det. Norman F. Winchester, Jr.

Six Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers were named Officer of the Year at the region level, including:

Officer Harold E. Mosley, Region 1, Henderson
Officer Jeremy T. Duvall, Region 2, Louisville
Officer Steven L. Oliver, Region 3, Georgetown
Officer Robert R. Mitchell, Region 4, London
Officer Richard P. Bolduc, Region 5, Morehead
Officer Dennis M. Hutchinson, Region 6, Pikeville

The 2013 KSP Safe Driving Awards, which recognize the KSP post and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement region with the highest average number of safe driving miles between assessable accidents, were presented to KSP Post 4 in Elizabethtown and CVE Region 1 in Henderson. Post 4 had a record of 1 million, 226,571 miles with no assessable collisions. Region 1 had a record of 456,839 miles with no assessable collisions.

The KSP Citation for Meritorious Achievement, the agency’s highest civilian award bestowed upon individuals who performed an extraordinary act of service or heroism in direct support of an officer of the agency engaged in the official performance of duty, was presented to:

Jacob Ashcraft-Corinth, Ky.
Constable Ronnie Begley, Jackson, Ky.
Deputy Otis Chamberlain, Madisonville, Ky.
David Coffey-Tateville Fire Dept., Bronston, Ky.
Darren Cunigan, McKee, Ky.
Officer Brian Haddix, Jackson Police Dept.
Angel Hignite, Annville, Ky.
Timothy Hignite, Annville, Ky.
Ryan Hughes- Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Somerset, Ky.
Frank Jones-Tateville Fire Dept., Somerset, Ky.
Danny Karriker, Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Eubank, Ky.
Steve Woods- Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Somerset, Ky.
Gilbert “Tiger” Robinson- Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Somerset, Ky.
William Koger-Stearns, Ky.
Sheriff Frank Latham, Madisonville, Ky.
Emilio Lorenzo-Franklin, Ky.
Keith Price- Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Somerset, Ky.
Rodney Maggard, McKee, Ky.
Deputy Steve McIntosh, Jackson, Ky.
Jeff Moore, McKee, Ky.
David Mullins, McKee, Ky.
Michael Mullins, Annville, Ky.
Brian Muncy, Annville, Ky.
Gary Murch- Somerset-Pulaski Co. Rescue Squad, Somerset, Ky.
Stephen Peters, McKee, Ky.
Deputy Marvin Reed, Jackson, Ky.
Larry Scalf, McKee, Ky.
Caleb Wade-Lexington, Ky.
Bryan West-Somerset Fire Dept., Burnside, Ky.


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