Supoena articles not completely correct

Ron Curry

By Ron Curry

Last Thursday October 2, 2014 ClayCoNews published two articles I did based on information received from a source that, as I understood was aledging that Clay County Judge Executive Joe Asher and Clay County Animal Control Officer Chris Reid were two of at least three individuals that had received supoenas to appear before the Clay County Grand Jury and that if true the supoenas were related to a used tire dump in the Muddy Gap area of Clay County.

On Friday I contacted the Commonwealth Attorney's office seeking information about the allgeded supoenas, they had no comment.  Friday night I received a message from Chris Reid and apparently the articles were not completely correct.

According to Chris Reid, he was the only one to be served a supoena to the Grand Jury, he did not say what the supoena was about however based on messages I received from Chris on Facebook, I tend to believe that his supoena may be related to the tire dump as I was orginally told but I'm not saying this for sure.

Yesterday after being able to get in contact the source of my information, it appears that Chris was right.

They said what I was told in the news tip was that Chris Reid had been served so it was possible that Judge Asher and another man could receive a supoena as well but they were not sure and had no way of knowing and that I had misunderstood them. So on that note, I owe and offer Judge Asher a sincere apoligy for mentioning him in the article!

I take full responsiblity for misinforming the readers of ClayCoNews and apologize to them as well!

The articles in question have been taken down.

Ron Curry Editor ClayCoNews


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