VIDEO - Animal Abuse from Clay County, Kentucky Animal Control? - You be the JUDGE

Ron Curry



Clay County, Ky. - ClayCoNews believes that you the public have a right to know what's going on even if it involves publishing an article that's not an official press release. Therefore, when we publish an article based on information received from our network of confidential sources accumulated in over 10 years ( in year 11 now) of serving Clay, surrounding counties, the state, nation, and yes, even the world.

There's always negative feedback about spreading rumors and sticking our nose in and talking about something we know nothing about.  The fact of the matter is, our sources are solid and dependable, sometimes I might misunderstand them and make a post that's not exactly correct, publications across the country do this daily, when I learn of a mistake, I make a post correcting it ASAP & apologizing to the person(s) involved, however all citizens have a right to the news and as a news publication ClayCoNews has an obligation to deliver it to you by the best of our ability....Just a little something I felt needed addressing.

Now on to something much more serious and damaging to Clay County.

Clay County gets so much bad publicity it's really very painful to make the following video report available to you but again, it's your right to know, it's our obligation to deliver it to you and the video stands alone and speaks for it's self.

I talked with CornHead's owner after making the video today, it appears that after Rick Whitehead was contacted yesterday the county decided to release the horses but they still slapped a $225.00 feeding bill on CornHead's owner Duke Jarvis and according to Duke, the horses were never fed anything at all by the county other than the weeds & sparse grass in the confinement area.

However, both horses were fed daily but not by the county.

Warning! This video may be upsetting for emotional viewers.


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