VIDEO - From the Editor / My personal picks for Clay County


By Editor Ron Curry

Yesterday afternoon in a live broadcast on BIGBARN Radio I made several personal endorsements of Clay County candidates running in today's election. This morning I'm gonna' add one more candidate to my endorsement list. It is to be noted that my election choices and other opinions may or may not reflect the views of ClayCoNews or BIGBARN Radio.

No past election that I can recall has been more important to the citizens of our county as today's general election. The future of Clay County lies in the outcome, Yesterday in the video below I endorsed several candidates that I truly believe have the best interests of Clay County & southeast Kentucky residents in mind. I feel the same way about Sheriff Kevin Johnson, the latest and final candidate added to my endorsement list.

Why so few? Well In my personal situation, most all the candidates are either family, friends or acquaintances, as is the case of about everyone else in Clay County, so in this respect one must do some heavy thinking, but bottom line, today I will vote for Clay County and not the candidate(s) and I hope the rest of you do the same!

The following video is of the live BIGBARN Talk broadcast.


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