ClayCoNews Editor Being Replaced

Ron Curry

By Ron Curry

Recently I announced that 2014 would be my last year as the editor of ClayCoNews, and a week or so ago I was informed by the publisher that since I was stepping down as the editor on December 31st that a replacement was already in place to take over..Therefore:

I've decided to make an early departure, this will be my last "From the Editor" post as well as posts by "Editor" however I will be keeping the site updated on a daily basis until the transition is complete and the new editor is announced.

According to the publisher, the next ClayCoNews editor will be taking charge in the next 10 to 12 days.

I know some consider me a controversial figure and a troublemaker (well, the truth is a little hard for some folks to swallow so I may be guilty in that respect), however, I've served you, the readers to the best of my ability by publishing relevant press releases as well as stories from unnamed sources (All are proving to be "spot on" as time passes).

I reckon I've said enough.

It's been a good ride!.

Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you each and everyone!

Ronnie Curry


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