McQueen on board with Furs Foundation as President



Manchester, Ky. - Furs Foundation Inc. co-founder Ron Curry has announced that Danielle McQueen of Mckee, Kentucky has been appointed president of the non profit organization that helps Kentucky residents with the cost of spaying & neutering their dogs and cats.

On December 16, 2014, Danielle R. McQueen stepped forward and accepted the appointment to serve as President of Furs Foundation Inc. and also as the foundation's official registered agent. Curry has been the registered agent and manager of Furs Foundation since the organization was established in July of 2013.

He will remain the managing agent until the corporation's 2015 annual report is filed with the Secretary of State next month, at that point a new managing agent will be named.

"I'm very proud of the success of Furs Foundation" said Curry, I have agreed to stay on & serve as a member of the Board of Directors and I'm looking forward to the growth and opportunities to come as President McQueen continues".

Danielle, who loves animals and is an avid advocate of spaying & neutering had this to say "The Furs Foundation will continue to help control the stray animal population in Kentucky and will honor the memory of Ronnie Curry Jr., we are very excited for the future and appreciate your donations for God’s little creatures".

Donations can be made to Furs Foundation at many area businesses as well as online at FursFoundation.Org


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