All roads very slick, driving limited to emergency only! / Many secondary roads are impassable - Laurel County, KY

Laurel County, Ky. - Sheriff John Root is reporting that all Laurel County Roads including I-75, U.S. 25, Ky 80, & Ky 30 continue to be slick and hazardous. All secondary roads are extremely slick and hazardous. As much as 10.5 inches has already fallen, and many secondary roads are impassable. Snow seems to be tapering off. Sheriff Root reminds drivers--

Driving should be limited to emergencies only. Numerous traffic crashes have occurred. Many vehicles , even front wheel drive, have lost traction in the deep snow and have gotten stuck. Many roads are impassable. Deputies will be out in full force to assist on any traffic problems. More updates in the morning.

Pictured is U.S. 25 north of London in Laurel County at 8:30 P.M. on Monday, February 16, 2015 with Laurel County Sheriff John Root (inset).


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