Jim Wilson



By Jim Wilson

Clay County, Ky. - This is the latest on the water situation which was discussed at the City Council meeting tonight: Situations may change without notice!

We currently have three main line breaks: Oneida which is turned off. This must be fixed and turned on before we can get water to the Elk Mountain tower.

Paces Creek, which has low pressure and will be turned off and on.

Radio Hill which along with Liberty Hills will be turned off tonight and hopefully will be back on tomorrow.

The Sand Hill tank is being filled. The Barbourville Road tank has been OK since it was turned on. Horse Creek is off for now.

Water is being fed to to North Manchester but the current situation is not known due to it being out of city control.

Water is controlled by gravity, which means the higher you are the lower your pressure and those who live in the highest elevations will lose pressure first.

Hopefully you currently have a water plan, as your water may be cut by off at anytime, but in any case, please conserve as much as possible.

We are all in this together.

Source: Jim Wilson's Facebook page


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