Things we can all do to help the water companies get the water flowing to everyone as soon as possible!

Jim Wilson


By Jim Wilson

Water will be restored one section at a time as soon as the pressure is high enough to "push" the water through the line. If there are several homes or businesses in that "section" with burst "wide open pipes" the water pressure will continue to drop or will not be sufficient to open another section. To help out please consider the following:

1. If you have water or when you do get water (and it is above freezing) check your home and business for leaks and burst pipes even if you have never had a leak before (this was the lowest temperature in over 100 years). Check in the basement and walk around the house looking for and listening for running water. (I have found leaks this way more than once) The melting snow can make this very tricky.

2. If you have an elderly neighbor or someone who cannot get out - check their house for them.

3. If you know of a house close by that someone lived in the last few months, but have moved out check it out too (get the owners permission first). Same goes for someone who has moved "South" for the winter. Got a "summer" cabin, barn, automatic sprinkler, etc. that is on city water? Check it out!

4. If you own rental property give it a good check, especially a property that currently does not have someone living in it.

5 If your neighbor(s) has water but you do not, could be an underground line between the house and meter! Check and see if your meter is "running".

6. If you find a leak, turn off the water until the pipes can be repaired. You may need to cut off the main water valve or even cut it off at the meter.

7. If you have no water and are going to be gone from home for an extended period (example: going to work) and no one else is at home cut off you main water valve until you return. If you have a burst pipe this could prevent a flooded basement or other major damage and help with the water pressure.


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