All Water Customers (City and County) Are Still Under a Boil Water Advisory Until Further Notice!

Clay County, Ky. (North Manchester) - When the water went out Saturday it was due to numerous leaks both main line and residential. The water has been turned on but many (and maybe most) do not have water or sufficient pressure.

The leaks must be repaired or meters cut off before the pressure is back to normal and everyone has water. Every available resource is being used to do this as quickly as possible but it is still not as fast as we were hoping.

If you do have water please comment here and tell us what branch or creek or road you live on so everyone can see how close it is to them. You can help by checking for leaks and if you find a major leak turn off the water to the leak, your main valve or meter if possible.

If you do have water please conserve so we can get the pressure up to normal! The last official word we got was - it would be Friday or Saturday before most water service is restored.

That is still subject to change.

High temp today is 40 so most leaks should be thawed and easier to find.


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